Your picks of 1969 bestselling novels

These three novels were the bestsellers for 1969. How well do you think they’ve held up?

all-text cover of Portnoy's Complaintcover of Godfather shows puppeteerFemale gender symbol fills front cover of The Love Machine

Pick the three 1969 bestselling novels  you think are best for today’s readers.

I’ll come back with my top picks next time we meet.


Select the best 1927 bestselling novels

Here’s you chance to say which of the 1927 bestselling novels you think are best for today’s readers.

I’ll share my list the next time we meet.




Tell your favorite 1907 bestselling novels

Select up to three of the best—or your favorites—of 1907’s bestselling novels.

I’ll share my picks the next time we meet.

Which are your picks of the 1918 bestselling novels?

Mull some cider, pull up a chair, and decide which are the best of the 1918 bestselling novels.

The break will do you good, and you’ll look very scholarly pondering the titles.

I’ll share my picks on Saturday, then it’s on to the 1917 bestsellers I missed first time around.

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Which 1906 bestsellers are your picks?

It’s time again for you, dear readers, to have your say.   You can pick up to three of the top 10 bestselling novels of 1906.

As always, additional thoughts are welcome. Put them in the comments section, please.


Which are your favorite 1916 bestselling novels?

Here’s your opportunity to say which of the 1916 bestsellers we’ve been reading get your vote as best of the top 10 novels for the year.

Unfortunately, the poll is open only for a week, but the comments section is always open. Don’t be shy.

I’ll do a wrap-up of my top picks of 1916 tomorrow, and then in September we’ll be on to the bestsellers of 1906.

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Your 1905 favorite bestsellers are…

If you’ve been reading the 1905 bestsellers, now’s the time to share your preferences. You can select up to 3 novels.

The poll remains open for just a week.