My picks of 1967’s bestselling novels

From the 1967 bestsellers, I can recommend two very good novels and one good collection of quotations. The very good novels are The Confessions of Nat Turner by William Styron and The Chosen by Chaim Potok. The good collection of quotations is The Eighth Day by Thornton Wilder. The Confessions of Nat Turner Confessions is […]

The Eighth Day: A simple story made complicated

The Eighth Day begins with murder of Breckenridge Lansing in his yard as he and his friend John Ashley are engaged in their customary Sunday afternoon rifle practice. Tried and convicted for the murder, Ashley was rescued from execution by six silent, disguised men and never heard from again. The Eighth Day by Thornton Wilder […]

Heaven’s My Destination ridicules stupid faith

Some novels cross genres. Thornton Wilder’s Heaven’s My Destination tangles them. Heaven’s My Destination by Thornton Wilder Harper & Row, 1934. 304 pages. 1935 bestseller #7. My grade: B+. The book is a funny, coming-of-age, religious novel. Handsome, young George Marvin Brush, a traveling textbook salesman, is the novel’s ridiculous central character. George didn’t put […]

Woman of Andros Too Slim to Entertain or Enlighten

The title character of Thornton Wilder’s The Woman of Andros is an hetaira, a highly cultured and highly discriminating courtesan of ancient Greece.  However, if you are looking for steamy sex, look elsewhere. Chrysis is the topic of gossip on Brynos primarily because she’s a foreigner from Andros but also because she reaches above her […]