Novel Bible titles: a quiz for bibliophiles

Bible stories have not only provided plots for novelists for decades, but have also been rich sources of allusions and book titles.

The 15 clues below are each related to familiar Bible stories. The answer to each clue  is the title of a best-selling novel twentieth century  published 50 or more years ago.  The novels’  are not necessarily religious novels or related to Bible themes.

  1. Jacob’s 12 boys
  2. King David said it first
  3. The last great battle
  4. Isaac’s 7-year-itch
  5. Samson at his last public appearance
  6. A first for Noah — and everyone else
  7. Peter was given them
  8. Worth a gamble
  9. Describes Goliath perfectly
  10. Stephen was the first Christian one
  11. Departure from Egypt
  12. Time for circumcision
  13. Where Joseph was when the Midianites came along
  14. Passover comestible
  15. The lawgiver

Answers will be posted April 14.

© 2012 Linda Gorton Aragoni

Think you know your bestsellers?

Test  your knowledge of twentieth century bestselling novels with this quiz. The answer to each question is the title of a novel from an annual top 10 list. Hint: the answers are title from the first quarter of the century.

  1. He’s so indecisive.
  2. French bread.
  3. Adam put the blame on her.
  4. The prodigal’s destination
  5. Usually 18 or 21.
  6. The second king of Israel.
  7. Mars.
  8. A phrase describing humankind.
  9. The opposite of Wall Street.
  10. Always sees the glass half full

Answers next Wednesday.

© 2010 Linda Gorton Aragoni