The Plutocrat explores the power of money

The Plutocrat is a very good novel, but one that I suspect modern readers will find as alien as Jane Austen. The book is about a young playwright, Laurence Ogle. Flying high on the success of his first play, he books passage for North Africa. The Plutocrat by Booth Tarkington 1927 bestseller #2. 543 pp. […]

O, Money! Money! financially sound fun from the glad girl author

Eleanor H. Porter recovered from writing two Pollyanna novels with the 1918 publication of Oh Money! Money! a rollicking tale that makes “the glad girl” look downright dull. It also manages to make good financial sense. Oh, Money! Money! A Novel by Eleanor H. Porter Helen Mason Grose, illus. 1918 bestseller #5. Project Gutenberg ebook […]

Politics damages All in the Family

Although Jack Kinsella’s Uncle Jimmy was a little man, when he threw his weight around, he got what he wanted. Except for one time when his plan backfired. All In the Family by Edwin O’Connor Little, Brown, 1966. 434 pages. 1966 bestseller #10. My grade: B+. By the time his three sons are grown, Jimmy […]

The Turmoil packs industrial-size wallop

In The Turmoil Booth Tarkington has crafted a novel about human and national ambition that illuminates while it entertains. Sheridan — he’s called only by his last name — built his town into a city by hard work, business acumen, including some shady deals, and luck. The Turmoil by Booth Tarkington 1915 bestseller #1. Project […]