The Gabriel Hounds: Suspense with a hashish haze

The plot of The Gabriel Hounds is one that Catherine Morland would have loved, had that Jane Austen creation lived in the 1960’s drug culture. Christy Mansel is on a package tour of the Middle East when she bumps into her second cousin, Charles, who’s on a business trip. The Gabriel Hounds by Mary Stewart […]

The Black Rose sheds light on three cultures

In The Black Rose novelist Thomas B. Costain takes readers back into the Dark Ages with a romantic tale that sweeps from England to China. The bastard son of a Crusader, Walter of Gurnie hopes to make a fortune in the Far East so he can come back to England and be somebody. The Black […]

The Source: Jewish Roots and Contemporary Conflicts

To say James A. Michener’s whopping 1965 bestseller The Source is an historical novel both understates and misleads. Into a narrative about a contemporary archaeological dig at Makor, a man-made mound in Israel, Michener weaves a chronological series of short stories about key people and events in Makor’s history. Through this complex literary device, Michener […]

Exodus: Flimsy Novel, Substantial History

Exodus is an unsatisfactory novel but an intriguing introduction to the history of present day Middle East conflicts. The story is about an American nurse working among refugee children in the Middle East after World War II. Kitty is attracted to Ari Ben Canaan, a handsome Jewish leader, but Ari seems cold and unfeeling, capable […]