The Exhibitionist: The title reveals all

My paperback copy of The Exhibitionist arrived minus a front cover. That is what literary scholars call symbolism. The Exhibitionist: A Novel by Henry Sutton Fawcett Crest Book, 1968 [paper], 479 pp. 1967 bestseller #10. My grade: D-. The Exhibitionist is a novel about film people who seem to spend most of their lives minus […]

Humor gives The Miracle of the Bells appeal

The Miracle of the Bells is a standard religious novel to which Russell Janney has added a dollop of humor. The humor increases the novel’s appeal but can’t disguise its poor quality. Press agent William “Spats” Dunnigan  had met Olga when she was an innocent waif determined to be a star. He felt sorry for […]