Portnoy’s Complaint: Sophomoric, salacious, and insightful

Alexander Portnoy, Assistant Human Opportunity Commissioner for New York City, is a psychological mess, and it’s all his parent’s fault. At least that’s what he tells his psychiatrist, Dr. Spielvogel, in Philip Roth’s aptly named Portnoy’s Complaint. Alex suffers from stereotypes. He’s the brilliant and personable only son of a New Jersey Jewish couple. Alex’s […]

The Exhibitionist: The title reveals all

My paperback copy of The Exhibitionist arrived minus a front cover. That is what literary scholars call symbolism. The Exhibitionist: A Novel by Henry Sutton Fawcett Crest Book, 1968 [paper], 479 pp. 1967 bestseller #10. My grade: D-. The Exhibitionist is a novel about film people who seem to spend most of their lives minus […]