Reader poll: Best of the 1968 bestselling novels

Here’s your chance to say which of the 1968 bestsellers you think still are great reading.

I’ll wrap up my choices on August 1. After that, it’s on to the bestsellers of 1969.


Bestsellers of 1968 slated for review here

The authors whose novels made the 1968 bestseller list include some names that will be recognized by readers today.

I’ve linked the novel on this list which I previously reviewed when it appeared on the 1967 list: Christy by Catherine Marshall.

Here’s the 1968 list, including dates my review is scheduled to run.

  1. Airport by Arthur Hailey [June 27, 2017]
  2. Couples by James Updike [July 1, 2017]
  3. The Salzburg Connection by Helen MacInnes [July 4, 2017]
  4. A Small Town in Germany by John Le Carre [July 8, 2017]
  5. Testimony of Two Men by Taylor Caldwell [July 11, 2017]
  6. Preserve and Protect by Allen Drury [July 15, 2017]
  7. Myra Breckenridge by Gore Vidal [July 18, 2017]
  8. Vanished by Fletcher Knebel [July 22, 2017]
  9. Christy by Catherine Marshall  [may 27]
  10. The Tower of Babel by Morris L. West [July 25, 2017]

The reader poll will be Saturday, July 29.

I’ll share my picks of the 1968 bestsellers on August 1.