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It’s polling time again.

If you have some favorites among the 1967 bestsellers, share them here.

I’ll share my choices on June 24.

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Here’s you chance to say which of the 1927 bestselling novels you think are best for today’s readers.

I’ll share my list the next time we meet.




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The event you’ve been waiting for: your chance to say which of the 1908 bestselling novels are your favorites.

I’ll weigh in on my choices the next time we meet.

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Mull some cider, pull up a chair, and decide which are the best of the 1918 bestselling novels.

The break will do you good, and you’ll look very scholarly pondering the titles.

I’ll share my picks on Saturday, then it’s on to the 1917 bestsellers I missed first time around.

© 2016 Linda Gorton Aragoni

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It’s time again for you, dear readers, to have your say.   You can pick up to three of the top 10 bestselling novels of 1906.

As always, additional thoughts are welcome. Put them in the comments section, please.


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Here’s your opportunity to say which of the 1916 bestsellers we’ve been reading get your vote as best of the top 10 novels for the year.

Unfortunately, the poll is open only for a week, but the comments section is always open. Don’t be shy.

I’ll do a wrap-up of my top picks of 1916 tomorrow, and then in September we’ll be on to the bestsellers of 1906.

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Do you think one of the 1926 bestsellers is a standout? Or maybe you can’t decide among three.

Here’s a chance to give a tick to the titles of the 1926 bestselling novels you think have held up well.

I’ll wrap up with my top picks on Saturday, July 16.

~ Linda Gorton Aragoni

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