The Lady of the Decoration finds healing in work

After her husband’s death in 1900, a Southern belle agrees to teach kindergarten in a mission school in Hiroshima. She needs the money. She also needs to regain her equilibrium after a bad, seven-year marriage. The Lady of the Decoration by Frances Little¹ 1907 bestseller #1. Project Gutenberg ebook #7523. My grade: B. The kindergartners […]

Dear Enemy is friendly romance

Dear Enemy picks up the story of the John Grier Home that Jean Webster began in her earlier epistolary novel Daddy Long Legs. The leading characters in that romance have chosen vivacious socialite Sallie McBride to turn the orphanage into a model institution. Dear Enemy by Jean Webster Jean Webster, Illus.  Century Co., 1915.  1916 […]

Academic Debris Gives Up the Down Staircase Allure

Until Bel Kaufman published Up The Down Staircase, the teacher in popular fiction was either a joke or a beloved martyr to the teaching profession like Miss Bishop and Mr. Chips. Sylvia Barrett is neither a martyr nor a joke. She’s young, pretty, hard-working, and willing to learn even from her students. Up The Down […]

Letters of a Self-Made Merchant to His Son: A Businessman’s Home Companion

If Garrison Keillor had been CEO of a pork-packing business in the 1890s, he might have written Letters from a Self-Made Merchant to His Son. Since he was not, George Horace Lorimer undertook the task, producing a bestselling novel brimming with funny stories, shrewd advice, and love. Each of the 17 chapters of the novel […]