Bestsellers 1900–1929

Post-Victorian bestsellers, 1900-1909

1900 Novels

1901 Novels

1902 Novels

1903 Novels

1904 Novels

1905 Novels

1906 Novels

1907 Novels

1908 Novels

1909 Novels

Great War Era bestsellers, 1910-1919

1910 Novels

1911 Novels

1912 Novels

1913 Novels

1914 Novels

1915 Novels

1916 Novels

1917 Novels

1918 Novels

1919 Novels

Roaring Twenties bestsellers, 1920-1929

1920 Novels

1921 Novels

1922 Novels

1923 Novels

1924 Novels

1925 Novels

1926 Novels

1927 Novels

1928 Novels

1929 Novels


3 thoughts on “Bestsellers 1900–1929”

  1. Dear Ms.Aragoni.
    I am Emailing you from Sydney Australia.
    Your 1908 lists has “The Strange Case of Miss Annie Spragg” at No.10 this is listed in 1928.
    No.10 for 1908 is “The Weavers” which was No.2 for 1907.
    Your reviews are very interesting as I have been researching early 20th American popular literature by using the best selling book lists published in monthly journals and weekly newspapers for a number of years.
    Robert Page


    1. Thank you for catching that error. What would I do without readers like you?

      I don’t know how I got Annie Spragg in 1908. (I just recently bought a 2nd edition copy of the book for re-reading.)

      I made a correction to my bestseller lists and to the most recent post about coming attractions. I’m going to leave The Weavers to review in January. I’m going to do my 2017 reviews in chronological order in instead of in reverse order as in past years.

      Are you researching popular literature for fun or do you have some more serious reason?

      Have you seen the blogs Leaves and Pages and Rich Horton’s blog Both review older fiction, though not exclusively. Both bloggers are good writers as well as good readers.

      Thanks again for catching the mistake and keeping me on the straight and narrow.



      1. Hello Linda.
        One of my many interests is gauging the book buying habits of Americans.I use the best selling book lists from monthly literary publications and weekly newspaper lists.The history of sound recording and film started in the 1890s as did best seller book lists.
        It is all part of American culture – popular music and cinema and literature.The cavalcade of American artistic achievements .
        Robert Page


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