Let’s Compare Answers to Novel Titles Quiz

Here are the clues to the just-for-fun quiz, and my suggested answers. All the clues and all the answers are from novels on the bestseller lists between 1900 and 1970. My answers are not the only ones that fit the clues. Use the comments box to provide better alternatives.

1. Another term for The Deliverance.

My choice: Escape

2. What might have been left in The Bishop’s Carriage.

My choice: The Bishop’s Mantle

3. A likely inhabitant for The House of Mirth.

My choice: Simon the Jester

4. In Western nations, Seventeen  is usually considered a year early.

My choice: When a Man’s a Man

5. He might have carried The Black Bag.

My choice: The Doctor

6. A White Bird Flying might sing it.

My choice: Swan Song

7. If WInter Comes, these may follow.

My choice: The Hounds of Spring

8. The Little Shepherd of Kingdom Come might have carried it.

My choice: A Lamb in His Bosom

9. Pride’s Castle probably had them.

My choice: High Towers

10. Who led The Caine Mutiny?

My choice: The Disenchanted

© 2013 Linda Gorton Aragoni


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Linda Aragoni

I'm passionate about helping people learn through the medium of nonfiction writing. Although I occasionally have an idea of my own, I mostly build education tools by recycling and repurposing other folks' ideas.

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