Love makes the book world go round

tag says Happy Valentine's DayLove is endlessly fascinating, even to bystanders. Perhaps that’s why in the book world, love sells.

Some novels about love are tragic, some comic.

Some love stories make you wish the romance had happened to you; others make you glad it happened to somebody else.

7 love stories for the 14th

Here, just in time for Valentine’s Day, is a list of seven bestsellers published at least 50 years ago that explore the relationships between the sexes. I’ve chosen one from each of seven decades to add a dash of history to  romance.

Sir Richard Calmady

Sir Richard Calmady was born into the world with two handicaps: a disfiguring birth defect and a mother determined to protect him. He’s rich enough to buy female companionship, but is he man enough to win it despite his repellant appearance?

The Melting of Molly

Molly is young and happily widowed. She’d rather be young and happily married. In this lively romp, Molly undertakes a program of diet, exercise, and “melting” in hot sheets in preparation for the return of her one-time boy friend, the town’s most distinguished local son.

Roper’s Row

An emotionally driven woman falls in love with an emotionally inept doctor, marries him, and mothers him until a crisis threatens to destroy their fragile relationship.

Gone with the Wind

Frankly, readers, you know this story already. Read it anyway. Margaret Mitchell wrote only one novel, and she put everything she had into it.

East Side, West Side

Dissimilar tastes and interests, and her husband’s womanizing have killed the passion Jessie felt when she married. Her husband would never divorce her; she has the money. Is an affair the answer?

Joy Street

A young woman  marries the man she loves despite her family’s assurance he’ll not amount to much. It doesn’t bother her that her family turns out to be right. It’s after her husband dies, that she is unhappy. Could she love again? Could she marry someone who appears certain to amount to something?

The Constant Image

Working on her Italian while deciding what to do with herself now that she’s divorced, a young American woman finds herself tumbling into an affair with a married Italian businessman. His family sense the relationship is more than bed-deep. Is it also deeper than his ties to his family and his homeland?

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