Additions to November book review list

Departing from my regular practice of reviewing novels that made the bestseller list in particular years, I’ve added to November’s line up three reviews of  vintage novels that sold well over a period of years and are well worth rereading today.

For folks who are fed up with presidential politics,  I’ve scheduled a review of The Calling of Dan Matthews by Harold Bell Wright for Nov. 7.  The novel is about politics at a different level: the local church. The novel is available free from Project Gutenberg, and so many copies of the book were sold that it’s still possible to find copies in libraries and used book sales.

On Veterans’ Day in the US, (Remembrance Day in Canada) I’ll be reviewing Felix Salten’s classic novel Bambi. Although it is usually considered a children’s book, its tone and theme strike me as appropriate for a somber, reflective day.

The review of Bambi will replace a review of 1902’s #6 bestseller, The Right of Way by Gilbert Parker. I reviewed the novel last year when it was #4 on the 1901 bestseller list.

November 14 I’ll review another book that usually is classed with children’s or young adult literature: My Friend Flicka.  Mary O’Hara’s novel didn’t make the bestseller list when it first came out in 1941, but the novel has become a classic.

A film version of My Friend Flicka appeared in 1943. A television series based on the novel ran in the ’50s and ’60s and appeared in reruns in the 1980s.  A 2006  film about a teenage girl who adopts a wild horse also bears the same title as the novel.

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