Answers to the jobs challenge

Here are the answers to Sunday’s just-for-fun quiz about jobs.

If you missed the puzzle, each clue contained a reference to one bestselling novel. The answer is the title of another bestseller that contains a job title.

1. He might have commanded The Ship of Fools.

Answer: The Captain from Castile.

2. The Rector of Justin might have aspired to this.

Answer: The Bishop’s Mantle

3. This man would like The Shoes of the Fisherman.

Answer: The Cardinal

4. He is peddling The Billion Dollar Sure Thing.

Answer: The Embezzeler

5. The Honorary Consul reports to this person.

Answer: The Ambassador.

6. These guys at HQ have No Time for Sergeants

Answer:  Captains and Kings

7. Burr, he said.

Answer: The Spy Who Came in from the Cold

8. Oh, Money! Money! is their cry.

Answer:   The Moneychangers

9. They obvious choice for stealthy attack on The Enemy Camp.

Answer: The Green Berets.

10. He works The Farm.

Answer: The Harvester.

Incidentally, The Harvester was the top selling novel in 1912. It would have had a review in this spot today except that I reviewed it last year on the anniversary of it’s fifth place spot on the 1911 bestseller list.

Look for a review of  1912’s second biggest seller,  The Street Called Straight, here at Great Penformances on Sunday, Sept. 9.


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