Answers to Novel Bible Titles Quiz

Here are the answers to Wednesday’s quiz. If I have previously reviewed a novel whose title is an answer to a question, I’ve provided a link to the review.

  1. Jacob’s 12 boys: Joseph and His Brethren (H. W. Freeman, 1929)
  2. King David said it first: My Son! My Son! (Howard Spring, 1938)
  3. The last great battle: Armageddon (Leon Uris, 1964)
  4. Isaac’s 7-year-itch: Rebecca (Daphne du Maurier, 1938)
  5. Samson at his last public appearance: Eyeless in Gaza  (Aldous Huxley, 1936)
  6. A first for Noah — and everyone else: The Rains Came (Louis Bromfield, 1937)
  7. Peter was given them: The Keys of the Kingdom (A. J. Cronin, 1941)
  8.  Worth a gamble: The Robe  (Lloyd C. Douglas, 1953)
  9. Describes Goliath perfectly: Giant  (Edna Ferber, 1952)
  10. Stephen was the first Christian one: The Martyred (Richard E. Sim, 1964)
  11. Departure from Egypt: Exodus (Leon Uris, 1959)
  12. Time for circumcision:  The Eighth Day (Thornton Wilder, 1969)
  13. Where Joseph was when the Midianites came along: The Pit (Frank Norris, 1903)
  14. Passover comestible: Unleavened Bread  (Robert Grant, 1900)
  15. The lawgiver:  Moses (Sholem Asch, 1951)

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