Answers to last week’s novel titles quiz

Here are my answers to last week’s quiz on titles of bestseling novels from the first quarter of the twentieth century.

Answers to last week’s quiz.
1. He’s so indecisive.
Richard Yea-and-Nay (Maurice Henry Hewlett, 1901 #8)

2. French bread.
The Long Roll (Mary Johnson, 1911 #7)

3. Adam put the blame on her.
The Woman Thou Gavest Me (Sir Hall Caine, 1913 #7)

4. The prodigal’s destination
A Far Country (Winston Churchill, 1915 #2)

5. Usually 18 or 21.
When a Man’s a Man (Harold Bell Wright, 1916 #2)

6.  The second king of Israel.
Just David (Eleanor H. Porter, 1916 #3)

7. Mars
The Red Planet ( Willian J. Locke, 1917 #3)

8. A phrase describing humankind.
Kindred of the Dust (Peter B. Kyne, 1920 #2)

9. The opposite of Wall Street.
Main Street (Sinclair Lewis, 1921 #1)

10. Always sees the glass half full
Pollyanna (Eleanor H. Porter, 1914 #2)

Did you find another top 10 title that is a better answer? Post your alternatives in a comment here.

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I'm passionate about helping people learn through the medium of nonfiction writing. Although I occasionally have an idea of my own, I mostly build education tools by recycling and repurposing other folks' ideas.

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